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Knock down Rebuild

Are you wondering whether it’s possible to move to a new home without leaving the old surroundings and neighborhoods? If that is so, then the good news is that it can be due to Knock down Rebuild. Though home renovation also seems to be a considerable option in that case, a few repairments and improvements are not always enough to cater to our needs. 

Relocating is also not a great idea as moving to a new house involves annoying and overwhelming procedures and is neither a budget-friendly option.

knockdown rebuild homes make a lot of sense. You get to live in a modern custom-designed house suited to your lifestyle without having to go anywhere. Knock down rebuild homes is one of the great ways to make a new start! Why move when you like your area and neighbors, you are close to friends, and the essentials such as supermarkets, schools, and transport links are just a quick drive away?

Knockdown and rebuild home refer to the destruction of the house and then the construction of a new home in the same place. It sometimes sounds like a more daunting and expensive procedure, but it is actually an affordable and convenient process compared to the relocation, as relocating to a new home involves the added cost and stress of selling your current home and moving and purchasing another block of land.

Moving can be too disruptive, especially when kids are happily involved in local sports, their playmates are close by, and are doing well at school.

Luxury Custom Homes are Knock down Rebuild specialists and regardless of your block being sloped, narrow, above, or below the road, our knockdown house design team can create a contemporary knockdown house design that fits your budget. You are welcome to join us to have detailed discussions regarding the process and knock down cost and have direct input into the floor plan and facade choices – to express your individuality.

We take care of everything, be it setting up an affordable knock down cost, dealing with the council, arranging the demolition and removal of the existing house, and designing your dream home. We can also look after the landscaping if you want to transform your street frontage even more.

Why Choose Us For Knock down Rebuild?

Our expert team ensures to stand by you throughout the process and takes charge of everything from demolition to rebuilding the house. We are committed to fulfilling all the responsibilities, including legal, financial, and developmental.

We have the potential to convert the daunting rebuilding process into an enjoyable experience. We ensure an instant execution of services. Our team will reach your place and offer you authentic advice on the disadvantages and advantages of the rebuilding process at your site based on our evaluation.

How Do We Work?

  • We first do a site inspection to analyze your requirements, preferences, and your existing home’s orientation and then proceed further.
  • Detailed discussions regarding knockdown house design.
  • Tender process.
  • The signing of the contract.
  • We create architectural plans.
  • After all the legalities and formalities get done, we start the construction process.

Luxury Custom Homes has been in the industry for more than a decade and enabled several clients to enjoy the freedom to live in a new house without leaving their home place. If you have any plans for rebuilding your home and are confused regarding the procedure and Knock down Rebuild, speak to our experts and schedule our visit today.